Bongsuni Mom’s meal gives you power

High quality ingredients, great hospitality

Bongsuni serve Korean home cuisine with various seasonal handmade side-dishes with high grade healthy ingredients.

We are looking forward to serving you

separate room

Bongsuni provides separate room for small groups to large groups

Tables are ready for 12, 20, and 32 people.

We provides tables which are screened off depends on the number of people

Seasonal Menu

Bongsuni provides various seasonal dishes

15 handmade side-dishes

Bongsuni serves seasonal 15 handmade side dishes with meal.

Enjoy Korean ordinary home-made dishes.

We put our hearts in to dishes

contracted farmers – in Mungwangmyeon, Chuncheongbuk-do

Recommended menu


Grilled premium beef bulgogi with side-dishes

15,000 won

Set menu with Pork Bulgogi

10,000 won

Set menu with spicy short ribs

20,000 won

Grilled pork ribds marinated in soy sauce

14,000 won(250g)

Popular menu

Crabs Marinated in Soy sauce with side dishes

30,000 won (17:00~)

Marinated Grilled Ribs

32,000 won (250g)

Grilled unfrozen pork belly

13,000 won (150g)

Bongsuni Set 1(2 people)

Grilled premium beef sirloin+ Grilled beef ribs marinated in soy sauce + cold noodle for 2 people